Wednesday, February 8, 2017

the new doctor

Dear Nahum,

Today we went to a new doctor to talk about you and see you, because Mom didn't feel comfortable with your first doctor. The first doctor looked in Mom's belly and despite his fancy ultrasound machine, all he could see was a damaged fetus that was wasting his time and ours. But today's doctor must have a more advanced machine, because she saw what we know is in Mom's belly — a sweet baby boy who is very much alive. The first doctor made us feel like silly parents; the second doctor made us feel like proud parents.

Of course, the second doctor checked to make sure that we really understand how serious your diagnosis is. Any good doctor would do that. But then she spent a long time showing us what you look like. We could see the vertebrae in your back, and we saw again that you have very long legs for such a little guy. Your head was hiding a bit, but we could see your belly, your knees, and more. Sometimes we couldn't tell what we were seeing on the screen, but the doctor explained it to us. You're growing at the usual rate for a baby at about 20 weeks of life.

The doctor could see that you were sucking constantly, that your tummy was full of food, and that you were stretching and kicking a lot. Those are all signs that you are happy! She told us that in spite of the condition with your head, you are a sweet, content baby.

Seeing you today through the new doctor's machine made our hearts happy. In Mom's womb you are happier and healthier than it seems you will ever be outside Mom's womb. The days before your birth will likely be the happiest of your earthly life, and we are thankful for every moment when we get to feel a bit of that happiness with you. You teach us about enjoying today without worrying about tomorrow — just like you're doing with every suck, kick and wiggle.

We're proud to be the parents of such a content, happy baby boy.

We love you, Nahum.

Mom and Dad